About Us

We, at Oblique, guarantee you a memorable experience. Our entire team of professionals has strived hard to create a long lasting impression on your plate as well as your eyes. Our artsy and vintage décor has blossomed from creative and experienced minds who wanted to stretch the boundaries of décor craftsmanship. The food on your plate has been perfected by the chef team in order to tease and play with your tongue. Our prompt and attentive service is the cherry on the cake; mix all of this and what you have is Oblique – a restaurant which moves out from its four walls and shifts in right into your heart.

Oblique Food

Good food is one of the few pleasures known to humanity. From breaking bread to breaking into a smooth cheesecake; we have come far enough. At Oblique, we believe that your taste buds deserve a unique culinary affair. Our love and passion for food has been translated from the kitchen to your plate. What we serve you isn’t just food, it’s a symphony of flavours. Every bite, every morsel is guaranteed to make you smile with gastronomic pleasure.